Saturday, May 24, 2014

Has There Been a Shift in the Force?????

Well, it has been a hot minute since I last blogged.  Sorry for the lapse, but things have been crazy busy and postal codes have been changing.  Let me give everyone a quick (I hope) update.

After a little over three years, I finally left South Korea.  I went off to Prague, Czech Republic in March to get a teaching certification.  Once that hellish month (so much work) was finished, I spent April just hanging out and enjoying the city.  I recently returned home to Florida and I'm not really sure what the next step will be, but for now I'm am just taking it all in.

Needless to say, my dating life was put on hold for quite some time leading up to leaving Korea.  While in Prague there wasn't any time to even think about dating and I wasn't sure if I was going to stay long term.  However, now that I am back in the States, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to see if the online dating interaction would be different here.  I'll keep you posted on that topic as it develops, but for now I want to address something else.

When I returned home, I noticed a shift in the force.  It seems the dating wall has been knocked down.  You know the wall I'm talking about.  The one that keeps the ripped, fit, hotties from even looking at the "not so gym orientated" people.  I saw guys who looked like they spent eight hours a day lifting weights and crunching their abs holding hands with females who, well...didn't.  Okay fine, I am just going to say it.  I saw those guys with women who are not even close to a size two.  The same went for the fit females.  They were with the nerds or guys who carried a bit of extra weight.  I know, I know..."How can you be so shallow to think these people wouldn't date each other???"  Come on!  I'm not being shallow.  I'm being honest.

We all know how this goes (or how it went?).  Mr. Channing Tatum Look-A-Like always has a Jessica Alba Look-A-Like on his arm.  I'm not saying there is anything wrong with this.  People are typically attracted to someone who shares their interests, i.e. the gym.  It has always made sense to me in the past.  Today though, things seem to have changed.  What I saw was, and I'm not making this up, Mr. Channing Tatum Look-A-Like with Ms. Melissa McCarthy Look-A-Like.  At first, I was like "you go girl!" when I saw couple number one, but then I was just flabbergasted.  I saw multiple couples like this in varying degrees of differences in body type.

For those of you who don't know me, I am no where near a size two.  I have always been a bigger lady and I am 100% comfortable with my weight.  Curves, chubbiness, and love handles make me happy.  I think plus-sized women are gorgeous and as I've gotten older, I must say I find guys with a little extra weight to be very sexy.  I am by no means saying that the chubbier person can't date the ripped person, but you must admit it's not a social norm.  I also understand the concept that people are attracted to someone's personality and not only their physical appearance.  Take me for instance, drop dead sexy personality right here!  What I don't understand is how this was not just a few random couples, but a vast majority of the ones I saw that day.  The new trend seems to be that none of this matters anymore.  Weight, exercise fanatic, nerd, hottie, whatever the stereotype, just doesn't seem to matter.  Am I correct?  Has something changed while I was in the land of everyone over a size zero is fat aka Korea? Please, tell me your thoughts on my observation because I am seriously flabbergasted, impressed, and dying to know what happened!

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