Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Is Being "Hot" a Get Out of Jail Free Card????

When I started this project, I knew the results wouldn't be shocking.  I went into it with the notion that my vapid, whiney girl would get a lot of attention.  What I wasn't prepared for was how much attention she received no matter how rude, nasty, insulting, and inconsiderate she behaved.  Men seem to be willing to deal with a lot as long as the chick is hot enough.  I know for a fact, I could NEVER get away with this behavior.  Men wouldn't give me a second glance.  You can't be a big girl AND a bitch!

Honestly, it made me ill to say the things I said to these men.  I hated being so vain and materialistic.  When I go on dates I have a hard time with men spending what I think is too much money.  This girl I created had no issue with it and in fact, insisted that men take care of her.  She had no identity of her own, she offered nothing to the world.  She broke my heart because when I created her, I based her attitude on women that I know, women that I have seen, and women that are idolized by millions.  That is truly the saddest part of all of this.

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The Big Project Part 1

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