Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Boring Racist

Seriously, y'all!  I am getting tired of these dates!!!!!  I really wish I could say that the title for this post is wrong, but sums up this guy perfectly.

At first, I didn't want to believe he was actually racist as that is a big no-no in Singapore, but it turns out that he is.  How do I know?  Oh, because being as nice as I am, I gave him another chance.  HUGE MISTAKE!  Ladies, if they seem like they are kind of an asshole on the first date, or...racist, they probably are and you shouldn't waste your time or phone plan minutes talking to them any further.

Before you scroll down anymore, please watch the video, then scroll down for an update on things that have transpired since our date.

The Boring Racist

Okay, so the update (all taking place within a week of us meeting).  We had continued to message back and forth, mainly him messaging me.  His messages were very flirty and he kept asking to see me again.  I was busy with work and well, life, so we didn't meet up during the week.  Plus, he never came up with an actual plan.  He would say we should see each other and then offer nothing for us to do.  He would also make comments about how far away I am even though he was the one begging to see me!!!!  UGHHHHH!!!!!!

He asked if we could see each other on my day off.  I figured I would give him another chance because maybe he was just nervous the first time.  We decided to go see a movie after arguing over which movie because he wanted horror and I refuse to see horror movies.  I, of course, have to find the movie times and locations because we all know someone who has lived in Singapore for 38 years would have no clue how to find this information.

Well, in the middle of the night I got some drunk message about how white people are too much work.  Not even kidding!  Needless to say, I didn't reply.  He sent another message the next morning saying he wasn't going to see a movie with me.  I proceeded to tell him the reasons women didn't like him and none of them included his looks....and then blocked him.  Is it too late to become a nun?

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